The Netherlands plays an active role in preventing armed conflict worldwide and strengthening the international legal order by, for instance, participating in peace missions and supporting reconstruction in post-conflict countries. 

The Netherlands accordingly takes a broad approach to international peace and security, which is based on defence, development and diplomacy. This 3D approach involves close collaboration between the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Economic Affairs and Finance.

The Netherlands wishes to contribute to security throughout the world. The Netherlands helps to restore security in countries that are or have just been, affected by armed conflict. They do this by providing assistance that enables the people living in conflict areas to lead more stable and secure lives. A secure and stable country will bring more security to its region. Worldwide security will eliminate the breeding ground for cross-border crime, drugs trade and migration flows.

The Netherlands views assistance to the reconstruction of countries as a weapon in the fight against terrorism.

In addition, the Netherlands is host to the International Criminal Court and the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia.

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