SALW Repository Programme

The Repository Programme aims to facilitate the implementation of Small arms and light weapons (SALW) and Stockpiles of Conventional Ammunition (SCA) projects. Through this funding mechanism, the OSCE is supporting assistance requesting participating States in meeting their  outstanding SALW and SCA commitments.

The OSCE through the Secretariat and Field Operations is implementing 21 assistance projects in the field of SALW and SCA on national and regional levels. These have been addressing a wide array of security and safety risks related to:
• the presence of conventional ammunition, explosive material and detonating devices,
• the presence of highly toxic rocket fuel components, including hazardous waste;
• degraded physical infrastructure and poor stockpile management and security practices;
• the presence of explosive remnants of war and landmines; and
• illicit trafficking of SALW.

The OSCE SALW/SCA Repository Programme is a centralized funding mechanism devoted to the co-ordination and management of financial resources allocated to relevant projects throughout the OSCE region.

The strengths of this funding mechanism are its transparent management of resources, swiftness of allocation pursuant to instructions of the donor, and ability to channel funding through the OSCE executive structure all over the OSCE region.

All types of pledges are supported. Earmarked funding can be pledged to a specific programme/project, or against the request for assistance of a participating State that is yet to be developed into a specific project. Additionally, generic non-earmarked funding can be provided thematically (e.g. specific programmatic field within SALW/SCA) and/or geographically (by country/region). The funding channelled via the Repository Programme does not require any admin fee.

Procedural safeguards envisage that the use of all pledges is agreed upon with the donor based on their explicit prior written consent. Every donor may define preferred procedures on the further usage of the pledge, with details on reporting, disbursement, etc.

The Conflict Prevention Centre/ Forum for Security Co-operation Support Unit (CPC/FSC SU) is responsible for managing the funding within the Repository Programme.