Forum for Security Co-operation E-Learning Programme

To strengthen support of participating States for multilateral solutions in the field of disarmament and arms control and confidence and security-building measures, the Conflict Prevention Centre has developed the project “Forum for Security Co-operation (FSC) E-Learning Programme”.

The FSC E-Learning programme aims to support the systemization of knowledge transfer to the participating States’ delegates, especially the newcomers, and national focal points in the capitals and verification centres about the broad agenda of the FSC, including CSBMs as well as both the OSCE politico-military dimension and related topics.

Through advanced online training modules on specific aspects of FSC topics there is also a great potential to contribute to and improve the expertise of the subject matter experts of participating States and the OSCE Executive structures, especially the Field Operations.

For more detailed description of the FSC E-Learning Programme please see this video: Introducing the OSCE Forum for Security Co operation Programme - YouTube 

To acces the Platform please follow the link: Forum for Security Co-operation Programme | OSCE e-learning platform