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Having in mind that the OSCE no longer has a Field Office in Yerevan (The OSCE Office in Yerevan started its activities on 16 February 2000 and discontinued its operations on 31 August 2017) current activities in the field of SALW and SCA control are implemented through a regional Extra Budgetary Project "Regional Programme on Liquid Rocket Fuel Components Disposal – Armenia". This project was developed in response to an Assistance Request announced at the FSC in 2015 and formally submitted in February 2016 with the aim to remove and dispose of the rocket fuel from Armenia. In September 2018, a technical assessment visit took place in Armenia. The reassessed technical estimations foresee the necessity to remove approx. 160 tonnes of rocket fuel component and Samin from Armenia. In case of leakage, they can cause long-term groundwater pollution as well as toxic fumes expanding to surrounding residential areas. 


Ongoing Activities

There are two main activities envisaged to reach the objective: the establishment of a project implementation framework and organization and monitoring of removal and disposal of rocket fuel components. The actual removal and disposal of rocket fuel components will be done by the OSCE selected international contractor. Due to safety and cost efficiency considerations, the hazardous substances are planned to be removed from the countries by railroad and sea transportation for disposal in the specialized industrial facilities. 

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Liquid Rocket Fuel Components Disposal in Armenia