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The Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Albania and the Albanian State Police, as the main drivers of the SALW National Strategy and Action Plan, identified several priority areas where the OSCE support is welcomed. Based on those priorities the Government of the Republic of Albania presented the request for assistance to the OSCE Presence on 25 March 2019, and presented it on 9 October 2019 at the OSCE Forum for Security Co-operation.

Accordingly, an Extra Budgetary project is developed to respond to that assistance request, designed to support the Republic of Albania’s efforts to implement OSCE commitments in the field of preventing and combating SALW proliferation, thus contributing to security and stability in the country and the region. In order to provide comprehensive support in this area, the OSCE Presence in Albania co-ordinated support and input from the Forum for Security Co-operation Support Unit, Transnational Threats Department, as well as other relevant departments, in preparation of a project proposal. As a result, after thorough consultations on 20 August 2021, the OSCE Presence in Albania, an OSCE field operation with headquarters in the capital Tirana, launched a dedicated Extra budgetary project no. 2500598 in response to the assistance requested. 

Ongoing Activities

The ongoing Extra Budgetary project no. 2500598 is addressing the following three priority areas as identified by the Albanian authorities: 

  • Support to the establishment of a comprehensive legislative framework for the deactivation of firearms, and its due implementation;
  • Build the capacities of the ASP in strengthening their canine (K9) capabilities in detecting SALW, ammunition, and explosives;
  • Increase the capacities of Albanian authorities in raising public awareness on the dangers of misuse and proliferation of SALW.
Past Activities

The OSCE Presence in Albania has experience in addressing SALW control through past projects. Namely, in the period 2007 - 2015, the OSCE Presence in Albania was providing support to the Ministry of Defence in the disposal of 34 tonnes of a toxic rocket fuel component known as melange, as well as 116 tonnes of hazardous chemicals.



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