Security upgrade of SALW depots of Tajikistan's Ministry of Defence

Project Info
OSCE Region
1 January 2022 - 31 July 2026
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The project implementation team consists of the project manager and a construction engineer.


To date, project does not envisage implemanting partners or any formalised partnerships.


The main objective of the project is to contribute towards regional stability in Central Asia through safe and secure storage of SALW within Tajikistan


The main project outcome will be the improved SALW and CA physical security in Tajikistan


Project will implement the following activity: Conducting construction works in two SALW storages of Tajikistan’s Ministry of Defence and providing dedicated security equipment

The planned scope of works under the Activity includes recruitment of project staff, conduct of tendering procedure to select a company for performing renovation and construction works at the project site. 

In completion of tendering procedures and once the contract has been signed, the bid-winning constrcution company will be in charge of renovation works at the project site. The planned amount of works includes renovation and security upgrade of two storages, provision and installation of all types of dedicated security equipment, as well as upgrade of the centralised fire pumping station at the facilities.


- Risks related to inflation of national currency against EUR and USD and its negative impact on the project;

- Delays by the project contractors in performing renovation works;

* The project team has developed a Risk management plan for diminishing negative effects of the identified risks.

Background And Justification

Ensuring the physical security of SALW is an important precondition to preventing the illegal proliferation of such weapons in the OSCE region. Having had removed the immediate threat from the destabilizing accumulation of arms stockpiles in the period of 2005-2009, the Government of Tajikistan continues the process of SALW&CA physical security and stockpiles management in the country. Within the framework of the task, in 2014, the Ministry of Defence of Tajikistan submitted through the OSCE Forum for Security Co-operation (FSC) its request to participating States for assistance in upgrading the security of its central depots for storing SALW and associated small arms ammunition, located in the territory of Dushanbe Garrison. The national entity intended to relocate quantities of SALW and associated ammunition stored in at risk facilities, into three warehouses of the Dushanbe Garrison, located approximately nine kilometres to the east of Dushanbe.

Considering the continued co-operation of Tajikistan with the OSCE on SALW&CA physical security and stockpiles management agenda, the Tajik Government expressed interest in having the OSCE POiD fully involved in the design and implementation of an appropriate project.

The OSCE has been involved in the SALW&CA PSSM agenda in Tajikistan since 2004; implementation of the SALW and CA Programme (2005-2009) supported Tajikistan in gaining control over its arms stockpiles through construction/refurbishment of more than 60 storage facilities and armoury rooms throughout Tajikistan, provided the country with both equipment and capacities to destroy excessive numbers of weapons and ammunition. At the same time, the OSCE was focused on increasing the capacities of Tajik law-enforcement agencies and armed forces on SALW and CA physical security and stockpile management, with the main goal of reducing the risks of proliferation and improving human security in Tajikistan. The current assistance project requested by the Tajik Government (through its Ministry of Defence) adds to the overall tangible results of the OSCE projects in the country. Moreover, considering the latest security developments in neighbouring Afghanistan and related increased security risks to other countries of the region, implementation of the project will contribute to the overall security in the region of Central Asia from the SALW&CA security and non-proliferation perspective.


Implementation of the project is in line with OSCE confidence and security building measures, the Organization’s mandate in Tajikistan and builds on the results of previous years’ co-operation with the Tajik Government in the fields of SALW&CA security and stockpiles management. Implementation of the project contributes to the Unified Budget Programme Objective that is aimed to support Tajikistan in the implementation of its politico-military commitments. The project also contributes to the UN SDGs 16 (peace, justice and strong institutions) and 17 (partnerships for the goals), through improving national capacities in ensuring physical security of small arms stockpiles and maintaining peace and security both internally and on the regional level. Achieving the project objective would facilitate maintaining peace, justice and security in Tajikistan, thus adding to the overall security situation in the region of Central Asia, through ensuring proper security of SALW stockpiles. Considering that the issue of arms control and security is high both in the OSCE agenda and among priorities of the Tajik Government, partnership in achieving the common goal is beneficial for both.

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Renovation of warehouse #1 and provision/installation of dedicated security equipment
Additional funding needed to proceed
Renovation of SALW storage #2 and provision/installation of dedicated security equipment
Upgrade of the centralized water-pumping system
Site improvement works
Project Summary