German foreign policy is committed to peace and security around the world. Germany primarily defines its peace and security policy in multilateral terms, that is, within the framework of international institutions and structures such as the EU, NATO, the United Nations, the OSCE, the G7 and the G20.

The 2016 White Paper: Strategic Review and Way Ahead on Security Policy and the Future of the Bundeswehr is the key German policy document on security policy. It is a strategic review of the current state and future course of German security policy. It is thus the principal guideline for the security policy decisions and measures of Germany. It establishes a framework in terms of concepts and content and provides starting points for strengthening the whole of government approach. (More info available here).

WIthin the OSCE context Germany is one of the most reliable supporters of the SALW and SCA control portfolio. Steady and reliable support to practical assistance projects makes a tremendous difference in the aspects of planing and implementation of mandate and commitments. 

As a direct contribution to the OSCE Participating States to better plan, implement and where necessary strengthen their commitments against the illicit proliferation of SALW/SCA the German Federal Foreign Office provides continuous political support and multi-year funding to the OSCE. Part of this funding was used for the development of this SALW Portal. Significance of this digital tool made available to all OSCE participating States, its international partners and overall public is to ensure greater transparency and a detailed overview of all SALW and SCA assistance projects active across the OSCE region. 

Projects supported by Germany
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